Selected works and exhibitions

The Two Temples Cover Photo

The Two Temples

April - May 2022, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, Greece

No More Shall We Part Cover Photo

No More Shall We Part

April - May 2019, the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece September, 2019 & January February, 2020, Bernaerts Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

The Age of Electricity Cover Photo

The Age of Electricity

February - April 2016, Vogatzioglou Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Revert to Disarray Cover Photo

Revert to Disarray

May 2013, Art Athina, Agathi Gallery June 2013, Neu Galleries, London, United Kingdom October 2015, Bernaerts Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Horror & Romance on Another Planet Cover Photo

Horror & Romance on Another Planet

November 2010, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece

First Contact with Nature Cover Photo

First Contact with Nature

May 2008, Art Athina, Agathi Gallery

After Dinner Cover Photo

After Dinner

May 2007, Art Athina, Agathi Gallery

Noise and Useful Objects Cover Photo

Noise and Useful Objects

November 2005, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece